Weird Gifts For Him


Looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary? This handpicked collection is full of weird and unique gifts for every man and any occasion.

The reasons for why these shot glasses are awesome is threefold. First is the fact that the inside of the glass is a skull, as you can see. However another awesome piece to this skull design is that it is clear. So when you put dark liquor inside the skull changes colors to the color of the liquor while the liquid is inside. The last reason for why this shot glass is so awesome is because it holds 2.5 fluid ounces. Whereas a typical shot glass you would purchase only holds 1.5 fluid ounces. So in summary these shot glasses have a better design with more practical usage for those of you who are looking for more creative party favors or talking pieces when socializing with friends.

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter drone is one of the most efficient drones on the market which should be purchased for a first time drone user. This is because it provides advanced features like GPS assisted flight, live video feed from a 2.7K video for a half mile of flight, and a battery which lasts independently for almost 30 continuous minutes of flight. This drone is the perfect gift for the beginner pilot in your family. Other drones provide more time of flight, further distance of video feed, and some other functionality within flight such as being able to perform set maneuvers. However this drone is an economical introduction to drones as the typical drone which offers these features costs nearly $3,000, and the cheap drones are not worth the plastic they are built with. DJI is an elite drone producer in the market with many different subsets of drones. This DJI is the perfect gift to give to the active man in your life or the caring father looking for something to share with their son that will be both durable and breathtaking.

The globe beverage dispenser is one of the coolest items on here. It holds up to a 1/2 gallon of liquid and the unique piece can be used as a decorative item for either a male or female office or kitchen. My dad has this and puts nice rum in it. Whereas my mother has stolen it from him during the holidays, and after a good clean put red wine in it. Also as a decorative piece it is quite appealing when you walk into a room. It combines the right amount of practicality with an immense amount of uniqueness.

The perfect funny gift for the most sarcastic person in your life. This mug is a good gag gift without it being too vulgar or offensive. Personally I believe this mug to be the best gag mug that I have seen for sale.

However if you click into the amazon marketplace via the above product you will also see other iterations of these mugs to find the one that is most perfectly aligned with your, or your recipient’s sense of humor.

These coasters can add life to any home or vacation house. The coasters themselves add great counter color to light tables or balance any table tops that are wood based by staying with the same theme with relation to the color. These tile based coasters are also extremely durable. My neighbor has had a set of these for two years and they are the same as they were the day they bought them. Overall this gift comes in a set of four and provides great value compared to other craft coasters which range into the $30 mark.

What? A beer cap map that allows people to plug in bottle caps from all of the different craft beers which they drink from around this great country. So many of the mainstream beers are owned by companies that are not stationed here in this country.

According to more than 26 million people golfed just during Spring 2015. The majority of golfers are men. They are passionate about what they hit, how they hit, and what their final scoring is. However golf cannot be a profession for many, but rather an obsession. If the man you are gifting for is a golf nut than what better gift to get him than these cuff links? The golf ball will allow him to stand out and show his individual flair. This specific version of cufflinks is of higher quality than others on the market making for the perfect gift.

This product is not just eye opening, but also of the highest quality. It is 100% genuine leather. Additionally it is embroidered stitching and truly says those words. So the censor you see if not the actual wallet, but instead you will be getting the real term.


Overall all of these gifts provide a way for you to stand out and allow for you to get something that will truly align with his interests.