Weird Books


These weird books provide an eclectic curation of varied material which will be great as a gift for a friend, or for yourself to cozy up to with a drink and enjoy some “me time.” None of these weird books are over $20…except, ironically, for the handbook on how to go on a cheap date.

Do you have a man in your life who is fluent in sarcasm and cannot turn it off? This easy to read book makes for a great gag gift. A gag gift is a gift which you give as a joke. It would specifically fit in as a perfect Gift For Him. The book has illustrations as well to spruce up the quality of the gag. Grab a very basic card with an illustration and write how this step-by-step guide may be able to help while also being within their reading level.

In this book a place called OASIS is an online wonder world which provides an escape for the bleak world which currently exists in the context of this weird book. The main character is able to hunt for one of three keys which unlocks a fortune left behind by the richest man on Earth who is now dead. This journey into the world of cyber will move you back into the culture of the 80’s and awaken the nerd inside of you.

Do words really need to be used to describe the joy in seeing this? In a world which is currently revolved around all that is “The Donald” you can use this to lighten up and give his patented toupee a rainbow look. Or let the next President of the United States know how great America would be again if he wore a pink suit for once.

Had a bad first or second date experience with somebody you ended up with? Want to remind a friend or co-worker of a recent bad date? This is the perfect peculiar book to do just that.

One of Vonnegut’s most famous books about the atrocities of war and human suffering. Specifically, the book focuses on the Allied fire bombings in Dresden that were responsible for over 25,000 deaths during World War Two. Vonnegut’s protagonist, Bill Pilgrim, transcends time and space as he examines the war and examines the painful realities of destruction and death. Vonnegut will make you think, laugh, cry and see the world in a new light.

Addicted to the Tiny House movement or HGTV? Looking for a way to make your house more spacious? If the answer to either of those questions is yes then this is your book! There are both ideas, how to’s, and pictures on how you can maximize your space.

These ideas are not just good for houses 400 sq ft or under, but also apartments and houses in any size. After all, how big is a 2,000 sq. ft house with 3 to 4 kids?

Need a naughty or nice gift for your significant other? This weird book will be good for a male or female as a quick erotic themed gift to get things going. Hopefully this will provide a gag in more ways than one.

Big Data is the wave of the future. To create this book it took a former Harvard professor who is now at Oxford to pair up with a renowned journalist from The Economist. This tandem have created a book which will enlighten you as to what some of the most major current swings in technology and in your life will be within the next 25 years.

This is for all of you two pump chumps out there, or as ladies refer to them, any man between the ages of 17-21-because it may seem like a weird book now, but it will come in handy in the not too distant future. Within the drunk fogginess of the myriad of hook ups that you have it may not hurt to pick this book up or deliver it to a friend as a gag because once the love of your life comes into the picture you better know what you are doing, and it will not entail you being 15 shots of Jack Daniels deep in the evening.

Need another type of naughty or nice? We here at Weird Encyclopedia do not believe in segregating based off of sexuality preferences, so we wanted to provide an erotic option for our homosexual users as well.

This renowned children’s author will take you to a delightful alternative universe which is both though provoking and reminiscent of your younger years as a youth with this weird book. This Shell Silverstein book is like a weird Disney/Pixar movie which you know you should not like as an adult, but you secretly love.

Another children’s book which can be classified as a weird book. However this one is more modern than a Shell Silverstein work, and made from an author who has been an awarded cartoonist with her comics. These illustrations paired with her simple, yet exquisite words can take you on a weird journey.

If you are looking for a weird set of books within the sci-fi category with a strong set of characters and amazing plot that hasn’t been debilitated or destroyed from the mainstream movie companies yet then this is the book for you.

76% of amazon users, or 8,000 people out of 11,000, have rated it a 5-star book. Concurrently 17% gave it 4 stars.

It is apart of the Silo series and is certainly worth a read.

Stargate Universe, the really weird series on Syfy in 2009, is the basis for the book. Some fellow geek decided to actually write a book on why ad how Netflix could pick it up for Season Three. High hopes, and sounds like this guy has too much time on his hands in his mom’s basement.

Humans of New York has taken off with insane popularity via Facebook. This page, run and curated by award winning photographer Brandon Stanton, has done acclaimed portraits on eccentric rich people within the city, the homeless and refugee population, as well as regular “middle-class” Americans within the five boroughs to provide a sense of interconnectedness at the heart of what social media was created for. With this, this book will provide you even more comprehensive looks into those people’s lives for a true sense of what they are feeling via the use of imagery, and the gritty, graphic details within the stories provided. This is unique as other published Humans of New York works have not included the actual stories themselves, but rather a collection of the pictures.