The Ghost of Northwood Park


I guess it all started when my boyfriend and I started playing with a Ouija board. This was in 2004 – we were 16 and 17 at the time. I was into wood burning at the time so I made my own Ouija board with Gothic letters and the typical dark hooded figure found in different horror stories. From the beginning, the board’s response was strong. We would always take it to a park out in the country (we lived in a small Midwestern town with not a lot to do). The park spanned several miles, and in the rear of the park, only accessible by a separate drive that is not well known, was a large graveyard that held of few of my departed family members. Each time we would go to this park, no matter where we were, we would always encounter the same spirit, ‘the Ghost of Northwood Park.’

This was not an elusive spirit. It chatted about everything in a very friendly and casual way. Through our relationship with it we learned a lot. It told us that people who have just died have a difficult time communicating with the living, but could easily do so with other spirits. It told us that they were usually accompanied by ‘spirit guides’ until they were comfortable in their environment (if it happens to be Earth). It told us that it loved the park because there were always families hiking and kids playing. It also had quite a sense of humor, which really surprised me for some reason.

Shortly after we began visiting the park on a regular basis, I started having strange dreams, although they didn’t really bother me. I had a lot of night terrors as a child, and it was not unusual for me to sleep walk. There was only one dream that struck me as really unusual. I remember it being like in the movie The Exorcist where the girl thrashes up and down in her bed. I did the same thing and remember being thrown from the bed. The reason this struck me as so unusual was because the sheets were all over the place when I woke up, and I was tangled in the covers.

My boyfriend and I (we are now engaged) would always go in the daylight and never had any bad experiences, until the day we decided to go back to the graveyard. We sat on the ground under a big old oak tree, and there was no one to be seen but the two of us. We were chatting as usual with our friendly spirit when we decided to pester it more to prove that it was real, and not all in our subconscious. It finally agreed and began repeating “Listen, listen, listen….” After a minute or two of this I blew it off and said I didn’t hear a thing. It continued saying Listen for a while, and then said, “Look at the woodline.”

We glanced over along the woodline behind us and didn’t see anything; it told us to “Look harder.” I once again blew it off and it responded by saying “Stand up, look behind the Yugo.” (We were driving a Yugo which had had problems in the past, but was fixed and had been running like a peach for several months.) We did as we were told and about a quarter mile away along the woodline, directly behind the Yugo, a family had just emerged from a hiking trail in the woods. We didn’t hear them at all since it was a windy day, and neither of us had been able to see them as we were about ten feet from the car and it was obstructing our view of that area. We sat down a little surprised and impressed, and returned to our gloating spirit, who told us “I told you so.” We chatted for a while longer until the sun began to set. It was at this time that our spirit friend became frantic. We had never seen it act like this before and began to get a little nervous. It began by telling us “We have to leave now… evil is coming… I have to go.”

It said it was afraid and we all should leave. Being stupid teenagers, this only piqued our interest. We told it it had to stay and couldn’t leave us here alone with an evil spirit. By this time the planchette was spinning wildly in a figure eight, and then suddenly… it stopped. About thirty seconds went by and it began slowly moving again in a clearly different pattern. It took a minute or so for it to get strong enough to begin spelling, but when it did finally move, we received the strongest and firmest signal we had ever felt. It was as if the atmosphere of the park changed in an instant. The impending dark didn’t help the mood at all, I’m sure.

As we began to recite the letters –


– at the same time we both had a freezing chill move up from the bases of our spines. We glanced at each other, jumped up instantly, and ran to jump into the car.

As I mentioned before, the car had been running beautifully. My boyfriend fumbled frantically for his keys, found them and reached for the ignition. Panic entered his face when he found that he could not start the car. I could hear it trying to turn over, but it just would not start. Finally, after what seemed like an hour but was actually only about 30 seconds, the car started. It puttered about five feet then quickly died. Once again he struggled to start the thing, got it going, only to have it sputter about five feet then die again. This happened several times until we finally got to about halfway down the drive, 100 feet from the main road. For the last time, it died again. We were both terrified. I remember reaching for the door handle and positioning myself to jump out of the car if I had to. I was fully prepared to make a full sprint to the farmhouse at the end of the drive, when the car finally started and made it for miles with no more problems.

Yes, at this point we were stressed, but once again our curiosity was piqued. About an hour after this incident we mutually decided that we would go to the opposite end of the park and try to contact our usual friendly spirit. Unfortunately, we ended up talking to something that I never want to encounter again.

Once we were aware of who we were communicating with, I said “Let’s go” to my boyfriend. The board replied “Wait… don’t go… come back.” It repeated asked us to come back to the graveyard with it. We said No way. Although we had done a lot of stupid things, we weren’t that stupid. I asked it why it wanted us to go back there, and it said that it loved me. I said that didn’t make sense, because it didn’t know me. It disagreed, saying that it knew me well. I wish I hadn’t, but I asked it how it knew me.

In its exact words, it asked, “Had any weird dreams lately?”

I was on the verge of tears. It said that it wanted us to go back there so it could possess my boyfriend and be with me. When we said No way, it said that it would ‘do it again.’ I told it that I had faith in God, and that He would protect me from any evil. It said, “We’ll see.” For the next month I slept with a Bible in my hands and the covers over my head. This is perhaps the scariest thing that I have ever encountered in my entire life.

Another interesting thing that I would like to mention is that each time I have been around a Ouija board – not even necessarily participating – each spirit has rambled on about how my boyfriend is the ‘chosen one.’ I thought it sounded like something out of a corny 80’s movie and disregarded it, despite the fact that several times, the boards would speak of my boyfriend without him or me participating. We never told anyone of our experiences with this phenomenon, so there is no way that anyone at the parties would have known he was referred to so often as the ‘chosen.’ Anywhere that he and I would go with the board, no matter who we came into contact with, they would obsess about how we was the ‘chosen one.’

I disregarded this until a new employee at my boyfriend’s company approached him, and in a casual conversation he said that he often used Ouija boards. He then told my boyfriend that he had in fact asked about how his new job would go and it would only say that he works with the ‘chosen one.’ My boyfriend had of course never spoken with him about Ouija boards and felt rather uncomfortable when approached about the subject, but was in shock at what the guy told him.

After the experience I discussed before, we have shied away from using Ouija boards as we are now aware of the dangers. Nevertheless, occasionally the subject will come up and company will want to use one. This happened two weeks ago when two friends wanted to try out a board. We reluctantly agreed. Within a barrage of questions, the board stopped suddenly and said, “Oh shit.” Instantly the memory of our experience came into my head. Thankfully, an evil spirit had not come, but it said after that “The chosen is here.” This confused our guests until he and I agreed that they should hear our story. I know that neither of us told them about what had happened to us. We have only told two people this whole story, and didn’t want anyone else to know for fear they would think we were crazy.