Strange Stuff


Okay, my first is one that happened just two years ago. I was babysitting for some friends, and they invited me to go up to the coast with them, so I could babysit up there while they went out. One night, everyone was getting ready to go to sleep. The little girl and I slept on the hide-a-bed, the older boy slept on the floor, and the parents slept on the bed. We were all in same room.

The mom got up to go to the bathroom, and woke me up. I sat there for a second then she came back. The room was pitch black, except for the moonlight shining through the windows or the motel. I tried to go back to sleep, but somehow I couldn’t. I turned over and looked at the little girl. Weirdly enough, she was sound asleep, but it looked as if her hand was maving side to side in front of her face. I looked at her for a second, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I remember thinking why is she doing that?

I reached over to grab her hand. When I tried, my hand went right through hers. At that point my stomach was sick from being so scared. I quickly felt her sides to see where her hands were, and they were both there at her sides. I closed my eyes and opened them again to see if the moving hand would go away, but it didnt. Somehow i fell asleep. I awoke again, for no reason, and there the little girl was, only this time she seemed to be sitting half way up. I put my hand on her head, to feel for reasurrance that she was actually there, and my hand went right through her. I felt her head then, but she was also sitting half way up, just moving her hand, it was the weirdest thing. I have no explanation for it.

Another incident was when I was at a friends birthday party, and we were playing with a ouija board. Now, my friend has had some weird things happen in her appartment, like one morning she got up to go to the bathroom, and right when she got in there and closed the door, something pushed her into the corner and began smashing her into the wall. She then became unconcious, and when she awoke, she had large bruises all over her arms.

In her room in green writing (which you can only see if theres a black light on) is some word, that she’s looked up before, but isn’t even a word. Well, as we were beginning to play a game, everyone was huddled around the board, and began to play, As they were playing I began to be distracted by something in the closet. A few minutes later everyone was screaming. When I looked back, at the ouija board, there was no one around it but me, and I swear to God, it was moving all by itself. Two girls went home, and two others spent the entire night crying.

It was! insane! One of the girls was crying because when she was playing ouija a whlile back, she felt this gust of wind, her and the other person playing felt a presence, their heads jolted down, and the candle light blew out. Then she felt something go right through her. Another time at my friend Lauren’s house, she kept saying “Satan, satan, satan” to scare me and her sister, a while later all the lights went out.

And my last story was, when I was in 4th grade, my blinds were all the way up, and all you could see was black outside, considering it was fairly dark outside. My lights were on, so it was very bright. My sister and I werelaughing and looking at mgazines when my sister’s face became VERY still. I noticed she was looking at the window. When I looked over at the window I saw an outline of a persons body, but it was pitchblack, outlined in grey, and it had yellow slits for eyes,it just sat there and stared. I wouldnt sleep in my room for 3 months! thanks for reading some of my experiences!