Strange Dreams


I have been a Ghost magnet almost all my life. They seem to follow me when i move, they come to me through dreams, through my tv, computer, and phone. Sometimes they try to tell me stuff but i am afraid of them. I have seen them, heard them, and always feel them. I can feel if they are bad, good, strong or week.

My mother and i have had this special connection since i was little. Anytime i needed her and i could not call her by phone i would think about her and she would come. Anytime something is wrong with either one of us or we think about one another the other one knows it.

Sometimes when something bad is going to happen we have dreams about it. Some of those dreams really disturb me because it feels as though i am really there.

One night i had a dreams of a man. He was in the wall and he looked like his skin was being stretched over his bones. I had a hard time breathing and my stomach hurt real bad. When i woke up i was crying and decided to go to my moms house. I told her about my dream and she ran to me hugged me. Later that day we found out one of our friends died that night of cancer. He had cancer in the stomach and lungs. A friend of ours said that he was in too much pain to leave this plain and go home so i helped take away some of his pain. That was a very sad experience for me.

When i was 17 I was pregnant with my first child. When i entered into my last month i had a dream that i went to the doctor and was dilated to 3 1/2 and something was wrong with the baby. Now that same week my mom had a dream of a little boy drowning in water. When I went to the doctor a few days later i was dilated to 3 1/2 and the baby was dead. The cord had wrapped around his neck.

A few months later I had lost another child. I am now pregnant for the 3rd time and both my mother and i have had dreams of this baby. It is the most beautiful baby we have ever seen, so i know this one will make it.

Sometimes my first one Kyle communicates with me. He once told me that he would have a baby sister, and now look at me. I am pregnant!!