State of the Union Weird Facts


1. First State of the Union made by President George Washington was made in front of Congress in New York City.

2. Thomas Jefferson started a tradition of delivering the speech in writing to Congress with a clerk reading out the words.

3. In 1913 Woodrow Wilson reestablished the tradition of delivering the speech in person to Congress.

4. FDR introduced the term “State of the Union”. Prior to that it was known as the “President’s Annual Message to Congress”.

5. Both the Monroe Doctrine and War on Poverty were introduced during the State of the Union.

6. The highest amount of time spoken for any State of the Union is Bill Clinton in 2000 with a total time of one hour, twenty eight minutes, and forty nine seconds.

7. NPR has established a graph which demonstrates that out of all of the State of the Union speeches one President stood out from the rest. This President had 52.9% of his 153 requests granted by Congress. This President was actually Lyndon B Johnson