Occult Books


Occult books are entertaining to read because they reveal the stories of the supernatural. In a sense, they lift the veil of mystery that clouds reality. These rare books, compiled below, are full of secrets as well as dark mysteries and practices that will change the way you see (and experience) the world.

1. The Book of Thoth (The Equinox)

A fantastic primer by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris (illustrator) for learning about Egyptian tarot. Moreover, it is helpful for learning about any type of tarot card deck.

2. Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Originally published in 1531, this go-to magic guide is still widely read and referenced by occultists today. The Three Books of Occult Philosophy investigates and explores the rich history and use of pagan and Neoplatonic magic. Additionally, the book itself is very readable and understandable.

3. The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Also known as the “codex” to all things occult and mystical, this book by Manly P. Hall will open your eyes to some of the most fascinating and closely held secrets of myth, religion, and philosophy from throughout the centuries.

4. The Satanic Bible

As the title implies, this book is a collection of essays, observations and documents that help to define LaVey’s satanic ideology.  It contains the core components of the Church of Satan and helps to debunk myths about “Satan worship.” Highly recommended for anyone who is curious about religious constructs.

5. The Necronomicon

Much mystery is tied to the Necronomicon. It is classified as a “grimoire,” which is a type of magical textbook. Surprisingly, many readers have found success with its instructions. The book also describes how to get in contact with the Old Ones.

6. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

A fantastic reference for anyone that wants to learn more about the mystical properties of herbs. Each description includes the full name of the herb, associations, and magical attributions. For example, violets can be used for their protective powers, luck, love, and much more. Additionally, garlic isn’t just helpful for protection, but also healing and prevention of theft. This is one of the most consulted and respected books on herbs.

7. Grimorium Verum

Learn the secrets of black magic. This book is one of the most notorious resources for communicating with dark spirits. The book includes a detailed list of demons and how to utilize their specific powers.

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