Demons A-Z


A list of demons, devils, and evil gods from around the world. Probably not exhaustive. If you know of any more, keep it to yourself.


Abaddon – King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek).

Abigor – Rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. In Hell he commands sixty legions of devils

Adramelech – A demon of Hell where his job is Chancellor and President of The High Council of Devils.

Aguares – Commands thirty legions of devils in Hell. Is also the Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.

Akop – A demon from the Philippines who preys on widowed people.

Alocer – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.

Amduscas – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-nine legions of devils.

Andras – Marquis of Hell who commands thirty legions of devils.

Angul – A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe.

Apepi – A serpent demon who in ancient Egypt was in opposition to the sun god Ra.

Apophis – A serpent demon who stalks at night.

Asmodeus – A devil who was banished to the desert by Raphael.

Astaroth – In hell he is The Lord Treasurer and the Grand Duke of Western Hell.

Astarte – A heathen god who is sometimes consigned to Hell.

Aym – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-six legions of demons. Also known as Haborym.

Ayperos – A Prince of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.

Azazel – Also known as Satanel, he is the Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell.

Azidahaka – The god of witchcraft from Iran. Has three heads.

Azrael – Muslim angel of death.


Baal – Commanding General of the Infernal Armies

Baalberith – Also known as Berith, he is the Chief Secretary of Hell.

Balan – A Prince of Hell.

Bearded – Demon His real name is not revealed so that people do not deal with him when searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Beelzebub – Name means the ‘lord of the flies’. A high demon of hell who is sometimes equated with Satan.

Belial – Also known as Beliel and Beliar. The Prince of Trickery, the Demon of Sodomy and the Antichrist.

Belphegor – The demon of Ingenious Discoveries and Wealth

Beng – The Romanian Gypsy version of Satan.

Buer – Commands fifty legions of devils in Hell.

Bumalin – Philippines god of the Underworld.


Caym – The Grand President of Hell.

Charon – The boatman of Hell who takes souls accross the Styx.

Chax – A Grand Duke of Hell who is also known as Scox.

Chernobog – Slavic demon whose name means ‘the black god’. He brings all things evil at night.

Chemosit – A demon from Kenya who is half man and half bird.

Chu Kwai – Sen Chun A demon from China, the creator of freaks.

Congo Zandor – A Demon worshipped in Haiti.

Cresil – The demon of slovinliness and impurity.


Dagon – The Baker of Hell.


Eblis – The Persian version of Satan. His name means ‘despair’.

Elathan – A Celtic lord of Darkness.

Erebus – A Greek demon who guards the darkness around Hell.

Er Mo – Szechuan King of Demons.

Eurynomus – A Prince of Hell who likes to feed on the dead.


Furfur – A Count of Hell who commands twenty six legions of demons.


Geryon – According to Dante, Geryon is a giant centaur who guards Hell.

Grand Bois – A demon from Haiti whose name means ‘big woods’. He is the master of the forests at night.

Guaricana – A devil from Brazil. He is honoured by the Yurimagua by flogging young men until blood flows.


Hatu-Atu-Topun – Also known as Hetu-Ahin, a female demon from Polynesia who stalks twighlight and dawn.

Hecate – Queen of the witches.

Herensugue – An evil serpent from the Basque Country.


Ibwa – A demon from the Philippines who feeds on dead bodies.

Ikwaokinyapippilele – A strangely named demon from Panama who causes illness.

Inmai – A demon from Myanmar who bizarrely lives in the post in front of houses and causes people to be inured with thorns.

Irvene – Demon dog who lives on the Canary Islands.

Itzcoliuhqui – A demon god of the Aztecs. He brought cold and destruction.


Jahi – Persion female demon. She specializes in debauchery.

Jezebeth – The demon of falsehoods.

Jilaiya – A demon from India who flies as a bird at night to suck the blood of people. It can only suck the blood from people whose name it has heard.


Karau – A demon from Panama who causes death in the world.

Kasdeya – Known as the ‘Fifth Satan’.

Keron-Kenken – An evil spirit from Patagonia. He eats the newborn and drinks the tears of the mothers.

Kobal – Patron of comedians and the Entertainment Director of Hell.

Kok-Lir – A demon from Borneo who prays on men.


Lebara – A Brazilian demon worshipped by the cult of Yoruban.

Leonard – Known in Germany as Urian, he is the Inspector=General of Black Magic and Sorcery.

Leviathan – The androgynous Grand Admiral of Hell who is supposed to have seduced Adam and Eve.

Lilith – The first wife of Adam, before Eve, who was actually a demon.

Lilitu – An ancient demon connected with Lilith.

Lima – A demon worshipped in Haiti.

Lingelson – A demon worshipped in Haiti.


Mammon – The Demon of Avarice.

Manuval – A demon of the night from New Guinea.

Mastema – The leader of the offspring of fallen angels.

Melchom – A treasurer of Hell.

Mephistopheles – Sometimes described as a servent of the Devil, other times is a name for Satan himself.

Merihim – The Prince of Pestilence

Moko-Titi – A hideous lizard demon of the Maori people.

Moloch – A demon from Judaism.

Mullin – Lieutenant to Leonard.

Murmur – The Demon of Music.

Mush – A demon of darkness from Iran.


Naburus – A Marquis of Hell who has connections to Cerberus.

Nergal – The Chief of the Secret Police of Hell.

Nybras – Publicist of the Pleasures of Hell.

Nysrogh – An inferior demon.

Nyx – The sister and wife of Erebus.


Olisha – An evil goddess from Haiti. A favourite of voodoo and black magic.

Orias – A Marquis of Hell.

Oroan – Guyanan demon of eclipses.

Orthon – A minor demon known for posession of bodies.

Orusula – Costa Rican demon who appears in the form of a giant pig. His foam gives people a fatal rash.


Paymon – The Master of Ceremonies in Hell.

Philotanus – A demon who likes to assist Belial in sodomy.

Pitkis – Baltic demon of the night.

Po-Tangotango – A night demon of the Maori people.

Proserpine – Sometimes known as a princess of Hell.

Pyro – The Prince of Falsehood.


Qanel – Guatemalan demon.


Raum – A Count of Hell who commands thirty legions of demons.

Ravana – Hindu King of Demons.

Rimmon – Also known as Damas, is the Ambassodor of Hell for Russia.

Ronwe – Commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell.


Sakarabru – An African demon of darkness.

Samael – The Angel of death and the Prince of the air.

Satanael – Believed to be the evil first son of God by the Bogomils.

Semiazas – The Chief of the Fallen Angels.

Set – An evil god of the night from Ancient Egypt.

Seth – The god of the Underworld from Ancient Egypt.

Shabriri – Known as the demon who made people go blind.

Sonneillon – The demon of hate.

Succorbenoth – The demon of jealousy.


Tando Ashanti – Demon who demands the simulataneous human sacrifice of seven men and seven women.

Tezcatl poca – Aztec God of the ‘smoking mirrors’. Has an evil black manifestation. An aspect of Tezcal poca is Yaotl, meaning enemy.

Thamuz – An Ambassador of Hell.

Tlacatecolototl – A Toltec demon whose name means ‘rational owl’. Is god of evil and night.

Troian – Baltic demon of the night.


Ukobach – The Stationary Engineer of Hell.

Uphir – A demon physician.


Valafar – A Grand Duke of Hell.

Verin – The Demon of Impatience.

Vetis – A demon of hell who corrupts and tempts the holy.

Vritra – Hindu enemy of the gods. Is a serpent.


Wele Gumali – Name means the ‘black god’. He comes from Kenya.


Xa-Mul – A demon from the Philippines who swallows people whole.

Xaphan – A demon who stokes the furnaces of Hell.

Xic – From Guatemala. Brings sudden death to men.


Yalocan Tumulu – A demon of darkness and mischief from Surinam

Yama – Hindu king of death who has two dogs to carry away the dying.


Zaebos – A demon who is part human, part crocodile.

Zagam – The demon of Deceit and Counterfeiting who has the talent of being able to turn water into wine