Demons A-Z


A list of demons, devils, and evil gods from around the world. Probably not exhaustive. If you know of any more, keep it to yourself.


Abaddon – King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek).

Abigor – Rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. In Hell he commands sixty legions of devils

Adramelech – A demon of Hell where his job is Chancellor and President of The High Council of Devils.

Aguares – Commands thirty legions of devils in Hell. Is also the Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.

Akop – A demon from the Philippines who preys on widowed people.

Alocer – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.

Amduscas – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-nine legions of devils.

Andras – Marquis of Hell who commands thirty legions of devils.

Angul – A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe.

Apepi – A serpent demon who in ancient Egypt was in opposition to the sun god Ra.

Apophis – A serpent demon who stalks at night.

Asmodeus – A devil who was banished to the desert by Raphael.

Astaroth – In hell he is The Lord Treasurer and the Grand Duke of Western Hell.

Astarte – A heathen god who is sometimes consigned to Hell.

Aym – A Grand Duke of Hell who commands twenty-six legions of demons. Also known as Haborym.

Ayperos – A Prince of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of devils.

Azazel – Also known as Satanel, he is the Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell.

Azidahaka – The god of witchcraft from Iran. Has three heads.

Azrael – Muslim angel of death.


Baal – Commanding General of the Infernal Armies

Baalberith – Also known as Berith, he is the Chief Secretary of Hell.

Balan – A Prince of Hell.

Bearded – Demon His real name is not revealed so that people do not deal with him when searching for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Beelzebub – Name means the ‘lord of the flies’. A high demon of hell who is sometimes equated with Satan.

Belial – Also known as Beliel and Beliar. The Prince of Trickery, the Demon of Sodomy and the Antichrist.

Belphegor – The demon of Ingenious Discoveries and Wealth

Beng – The Romanian Gypsy version of Satan.

Buer – Commands fifty legions of devils in Hell.

Bumalin – Philippines god of the Underworld.


Caym – The Grand President of Hell.

Charon – The boatman of Hell who takes souls accross the Styx.

Chax – A Grand Duke of Hell who is also known as Scox.

Chernobog – Slavic demon whose name means ‘the black god’. He brings all things evil at night.

Chemosit – A demon from Kenya who is half man and half bird.

Chu Kwai – Sen Chun A demon from China, the creator of freaks.

Congo Zandor – A Demon worshipped in Haiti.

Cresil – The demon of slovinliness and impurity.


Dagon – The Baker of Hell.


Eblis – The Persian version of Satan. His name means ‘despair’.

Elathan – A Celtic lord of Darkness.

Erebus – A Greek demon who guards the darkness around Hell.

Er Mo – Szechuan King of Demons.

Eurynomus – A Prince of Hell who likes to feed on the dead.


Furfur – A Count of Hell who commands twenty six legions of demons.


Geryon – According to Dante, Geryon is a giant centaur who guards Hell.

Grand Bois – A demon from Haiti whose name means ‘big woods’. He is the master of the forests at night.

Guaricana – A devil from Brazil. He is honoured by the Yurimagua by flogging young men until blood flows.


Hatu-Atu-Topun – Also known as Hetu-Ahin, a female demon from Polynesia who stalks twighlight and dawn.

Hecate – Queen of the witches.

Herensugue – An evil serpent from the Basque Country.


Ibwa – A demon from the Philippines who feeds on dead bodies.

Ikwaokinyapippilele – A strangely named demon from Panama who causes illness.

Inmai – A demon from Myanmar who bizarrely lives in the post in front of houses and causes people to be inured with thorns.

Irvene – Demon dog who lives on the Canary Islands.

Itzcoliuhqui – A demon god of the Aztecs. He brought cold and destruction.


Jahi – Persion female demon. She specializes in debauchery.

Jezebeth – The demon of falsehoods.

Jilaiya – A demon from India who flies as a bird at night to suck the blood of people. It can only suck the blood from people whose name it has heard.


Karau – A demon from Panama who causes death in the world.

Kasdeya – Known as the ‘Fifth Satan’.

Keron-Kenken – An evil spirit from Patagonia. He eats the newborn and drinks the tears of the mothers.

Kobal – Patron of comedians and the Entertainment Director of Hell.

Kok-Lir – A demon from Borneo who prays on men.


Lebara – A Brazilian demon worshipped by the cult of Yoruban.

Leonard – Known in Germany as Urian, he is the Inspector=General of Black Magic and Sorcery.

Leviathan – The androgynous Grand Admiral of Hell who is supposed to have seduced Adam and Eve.

Lilith – The first wife of Adam, before Eve, who was actually a demon.

Lilitu – An ancient demon connected with Lilith.

Lima – A demon worshipped in Haiti.

Lingelson – A demon worshipped in Haiti.


Mammon – The Demon of Avarice.

Manuval – A demon of the night from New Guinea.

Mastema – The leader of the offspring of fallen angels.

Melchom – A treasurer of Hell.

Mephistopheles – Sometimes described as a servent of the Devil, other times is a name for Satan himself.

Merihim – The Prince of Pestilence

Moko-Titi – A hideous lizard demon of the Maori people.

Moloch – A demon from Judaism.

Mullin – Lieutenant to Leonard.

Murmur – The Demon of Music.

Mush – A demon of darkness from Iran.


Naburus – A Marquis of Hell who has connections to Cerberus.

Nergal – The Chief of the Secret Police of Hell.

Nybras – Publicist of the Pleasures of Hell.

Nysrogh – An inferior demon.

Nyx – The sister and wife of Erebus.


Olisha – An evil goddess from Haiti. A favourite of voodoo and black magic.

Orias – A Marquis of Hell.

Oroan – Guyanan demon of eclipses.

Orthon – A minor demon known for posession of bodies.

Orusula – Costa Rican demon who appears in the form of a giant pig. His foam gives people a fatal rash.


Paymon – The Master of Ceremonies in Hell.

Philotanus – A demon who likes to assist Belial in sodomy.

Pitkis – Baltic demon of the night.

Po-Tangotango – A night demon of the Maori people.

Proserpine – Sometimes known as a princess of Hell.

Pyro – The Prince of Falsehood.


Qanel – Guatemalan demon.


Raum – A Count of Hell who commands thirty legions of demons.

Ravana – Hindu King of Demons.

Rimmon – Also known as Damas, is the Ambassodor of Hell for Russia.

Ronwe – Commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell.


Sakarabru – An African demon of darkness.

Samael – The Angel of death and the Prince of the air.

Satanael – Believed to be the evil first son of God by the Bogomils.

Semiazas – The Chief of the Fallen Angels.

Set – An evil god of the night from Ancient Egypt.

Seth – The god of the Underworld from Ancient Egypt.

Shabriri – Known as the demon who made people go blind.

Sonneillon – The demon of hate.

Succorbenoth – The demon of jealousy.


Tando Ashanti – Demon who demands the simulataneous human sacrifice of seven men and seven women.

Tezcatl poca – Aztec God of the ‘smoking mirrors’. Has an evil black manifestation. An aspect of Tezcal poca is Yaotl, meaning enemy.

Thamuz – An Ambassador of Hell.

Tlacatecolototl – A Toltec demon whose name means ‘rational owl’. Is god of evil and night.

Troian – Baltic demon of the night.


Ukobach – The Stationary Engineer of Hell.

Uphir – A demon physician.


Valafar – A Grand Duke of Hell.

Verin – The Demon of Impatience.

Vetis – A demon of hell who corrupts and tempts the holy.

Vritra – Hindu enemy of the gods. Is a serpent.


Wele Gumali – Name means the ‘black god’. He comes from Kenya.


Xa-Mul – A demon from the Philippines who swallows people whole.

Xaphan – A demon who stokes the furnaces of Hell.

Xic – From Guatemala. Brings sudden death to men.


Yalocan Tumulu – A demon of darkness and mischief from Surinam

Yama – Hindu king of death who has two dogs to carry away the dying.


Zaebos – A demon who is part human, part crocodile.

Zagam – The demon of Deceit and Counterfeiting who has the talent of being able to turn water into wine

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  • Fae Queen

    This is a joke right? What a sham and an insult to all walks of life and cultures!!! All the references to Hell. You’re clearly biased. A good researcher is never biased for they follow the facts. Greeks didn’t believe in Hell. They believed in Hades. Egyptians didn’t have a Hell but a land of the dead and Demon. Please list your sources. For a good researcher always list sources as well. I hope no one believes this list for it is wrong.
    The Following is the correct information for Egyptian and Greek Pagan Gods. I do not know of the others so I will not cite them.This is how a legitimate researcher does things. This list is a travesty and I hope you take this page down. This is worse the Wikipedia. You have no sources.

    Apep (Aapep, Apepi or Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra as he travelled though the underworld (or sky) at night. Source (

    Charon, in Greek mythology, the son of Erebus and Nyx (Night), whose duty it was to ferry over the Rivers Styx and Acheron those souls of the deceased who had received the rites of burial. In payment he received the coin that was placed in the mouth of the corpse.
    Source (

    Erebus was known as the embodiment of primordial darkness, the son of Chaos (who was the void from which all things developed, known also as Darkness).
    Source (

    Eurynome was mother to the Charities (the Three Graces) with Zeus. She was daughter of the titan Oceanus. Source (

    Geryon was a giant (not to be confused with the Gigantes) in Greek mythology, who lived on the island Erytheia of the Hesperides.
    Source (

    Hecate was the chief goddess presiding over magic and spells.
    Source (

    Nyx was a primordial deity in Greek mythology that preceded the Titans and the Olympians, and was the personification of the night. She was the daughter of Chaos, out of which all creation originated, and the sister of Erebus, Gaea and Tartarus.
    Source (

    Persephone, daughter of Zeus, the chief god, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture; she was the wife of Hades, king of the underworld. In the Homeric “Hymn to Demeter,” the story is told of how Persephone was gathering flowers in the Vale of Nysa when she was seized by Hades and removed to the underworld. Upon learning of the abduction, her mother, Demeter, in her misery, became unconcerned with the harvest or the fruitfulness of the Earth, so that widespread famine ensued. Zeus therefore intervened, commanding Hades to release Persephone to her mother. Because Persephone had eaten a single pomegranate seed in the underworld, she could not be completely freed but had to remain one-third of the year with Hades, spending the other two-thirds with her mother.
    Source (

    Seth (aka Set, Setesh, Sutekh or Setekh) was the god of evil and darkness. He was the adversary of Horus and everything that was good. Except for the red crown, people regarded the color red as an evil color because of its connection to Set. He was associated with war and strength, storms and deserts.
    Source (

    • Amanda Hooton

      This is just a list that’s been copied and pasted over and over from website to website. It’s aggrivating trying to find any real information on some of these names because this list is usually the first thing that pops up, and it on like, 9 different websites. Thank you for your I debt and thoughtful post, however. It’s nice to see someone else is trying to get through all of this garbage… Although it seems like your far more educated than I am. 🙂 Happy hunting~

      • Fae Queen

        I suggest looking for the country’s website and search for the relevant mythology and Lore through their websites. That is where I found my information. I am also Pagan so I do a lot of research on many pagan faiths. Happy hunting. I hope this helps.

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