The Chupacabra, or ‘goat sucker,’ is blamed for the killing of livestock throughout Central and South America. It has been reported seen in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Guatamala, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Moscow (Russia), London (England), Miami, New York City, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Michigan, Texas, and Massachusettes. Sightings outside of its normal Latin American range tend to be hoaxes or misidentifications.

ChupacabraThere appear to be several species or different animals associated with the chupacabra. One description is a 3-6 foot tall, thin, bipedal creature, with small arms, powerful hind legs, and clawed hands and feet. It is reportedly gray in color, with black bristly hair covering its body. It also has spine-like appendages which enable it to fly. It has the outsize head and and shrunken torso of reported extraterrestrial ‘grays’, which might give support to any ‘lost alien pet’ theory.

One of the most chilling features of the chupacabra is its large, oval, glowing red eyes. Apparently it has the ability to suck every last drop of blood from an animal through a tube-like tongue. Another common description of the chupacabra is similar to the one above, the only difference being that it is more of a flying animal, with bat-like wings. The third description, and the only one which has alleged photographs to back it up, is that of a more terrestrial-looking doglike creature. This has a snout, more like that of a fox, with large fangs, and can stand on its hind legs.

Moving further into the realm of the paranormal, the Chupacabra is said to have telepathic powers, along with the ability to hide by blending in with its surroundings. It appears to be intelligent with hunting habits suggesting that it stalks its prey and kills quickly (most reports of the chupacabra occur after the damage was done, rarely catching it in the act). The creature is usually sighted alone, but with mass slaughters in one night, there could be a small group. It is believed that the Chupacabra lives in the network of underground caves and tunnels within the island of Puerto Rico. The Chupacabra was first reported in 1975, but the majority of reports flooded in during a rash of ufo sightings from 1994-1996 in Puerto Rico.

Chupacabra attacks have become less frequent since the late 1990’s; proponents believe the creature may be hibernating. Animals which have been killed by the Chupacabra are always completely drained of blood which is drawn out through 1 to 3 quarter-half-inch holes in the victim’s head, neck, or chest. Usually there are 3 holes in a triangular pattern. Some autopsy reports show damage to internal organs such as the liver, without any local exterior damage. Mutilations are performed with surgical precision. One report speaks of a cow, completely skinned from head to hoof, and drained of blood. Other mutilations include removal of soft tissues such as the eyes, organs, or genitals – which makes it similar to the traditional, UFO-related cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Theories Surrounding the Chupacabra:

The Goverment Consiracy: Several millitary research labs are located in Puerto Rico; some suggest the Chupacabra is an escaped genetic expirament. Several bood samples supposedly from a Chupacabra were analyzed, and provided mixed results (some human qualities, some mixed qualities). Puerto Rico and United States officials are said to have captured 2 Chupacabras. Both governments deny such accusations. Mexican officials are convinced the Chupacabra does not exist, and claim it is a hoax, or Satanic cult.

The weakness of this argument is that the widespread killings which have spanned 20 years, would be too difficult and drawn out to be a hoax. The surgical precision of the mutilations suggest a human was involved, but if it was a Satanic cult, draining all the blood of several cows, goats, etc. in one night would be hard to accomplish. Where would they put it?

The Alien Pet Theory: Concieved by the Chupacabra’s resemblance to an extraterrestrial ‘grey’, the alien theory suggests that it is a pet belonging to some careless aliens who “let it out.” The close association with UFO sightings (happening in the same area) back this theory. The weakness, however, is that UFO’s are a global phenomenon, the Chupacabra is exclusive largely to Latin America. The only other similar case of Chupacabra-like activity and UFOs, occured in West Virginia in the 1960’s with the Mothman.

The Large Vampire Bat Theory: Three species of blood-sucking bats inhabit Latin America, the largest of which is the vampire bat. However, a vampire bat attacks its victims in a completely different way, without killing them. The vampire bat makes an oval-like incision and laps up the blood. It cannot “suck a cow dry.”

For some time the chupacabra captured the imagination of a media-saturated public throughout the Americas, inspiring both fear and ridicule. With the initial craze having died off, one wonders if more goatsucker reports will continue to trickle in as time goes on.