Cattle Mutilation


cattle-mutilationThroughout the world there have been reports which allege that cattle have been killed and mutilated under mysterious circumstances. The dead cattle are said to have had their blood drained from their bodies, and various parts removed with surgical precision. Some argue that the mutilations are the result of extraterrestrials, while skeptics believe it to be either animal-sacrificing religious cults or the work of natural predators.

A mutilated cow usually has a hole carved out of its eye or rectum and various body organs removed – i.e., heart, eyes, lips, reproductive organs, tongue, anus, udder, etc. The removal of body parts and the cutting of flesh and bone appears to be done with surgical precision and often the incisions have been cauterized. The precise removal of organs and cauterization of the mutilated carcasses has led some investigators to suggest that the perpetrators are using some form of laser. Investigators have reported a strange chemical smell associated with the mutilated cattle and the carcass being covered with a white powder. Equally puzzling is the fact that there are no tracks of predators, vehicles, or footprints leading to or from the carcass. The lack of tracks or blood trails suggests that the cattle were taken to another location and killed. After being mutilated, the cattle were then dropped in the general area from where they had been originally taken.

At locations of cattle mutilations there are usually sightings of UFO’s or unmarked black helicopters. Some ranchers have even reported seeing a UFO abducting the cattle in their fields. These sightings and the surgical precision of the mutilations have led some researchers to believe that extraterrestrials are to blame. The researchers speculate that the extraterrestrials take the animals’ parts and blood to study at their leisure.

cattle-ufoSkeptics contend that these cattle mutilations can be blamed on satanic cults and natural predators. They suggest that scavengers like ants and vultures go first for the softest dead tissue like the lips, eyes, and rectum. They argue that once the cow’s heart stops pumping the blood will flow to and coagulate in the lowest portion of the body, giving it an appearance of being drained of all blood.

Ranchers have lost thousands of dollars from these cattle mutilations and local authorities have conducted extensive investigations. To this day the identity of the perpetrators and their reason for mutilating the cattle remains a mystery.