Area 51


Area 51 (also known as Groom Lake) is a secret US military installation which lies just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is one of the most secretive places on Earth, so secret that it isn’t on any map and the US government denies its existence.

warningArea 51 is small area within the Nellis Air Force Bombing and Gunnery Range and is often referred to as ‘Dreamland’ on aviation frequencies. It is alleged to be the testing ground for the latest generation of secret military aircraft, and is believed to have hosted such secretive programs as U-2, F-104, SR-71, and F-117A and the F-22 before they were introduced to the public. The base is also alleged to be the location of ongoing research and storage of recovered extra-terrestrial craft and bodies.

Unfortunately, no one can confirm these allegations. Many individuals have reportedly seen aircraft of anomalous design and/or capabilities leaving the base at night, many of which are able to accelerate at amazing speed and make rapid changes in direction – far beyond any currently known terrestrial technology. A man named Bob Lazar made a public statement claiming to have formerly been employed at the base, and alleged the existence of extra-terrestrial craft there. Allegedly, Lazar worked in an area called S-4 with a team whose job was to reverse-engineer an extra-terrestrial spaceship. However, Lazar was unable to produce any physical evidence to confirm his story.

Area 51 was built in the early 1950’s by the CIA to test its top secret U-2 program. The base was built for its great year-round flying conditions, remoteness, and flat lake bed on which to make runways. Ever since the U-2 program, Area 51 has been the test area for the latest technological developments in the US military. Allegedly, it is currently the testing ground for a new top secret hypersonic stealth aircraft project called Aurora.

These classified aircraft are reportedly designed and built in Palmdale, California, in a base known as Air Force Plant 42. This location has a high number of defense contractors who allegedly work on secret (‘black’) government contracts. Once the secret aircraft are built they are loaded onto transport planes during the night and shipped out to Area 51.

Area 51 is protected by warning signs, and guarded by sentries, helicopters, ground sensors, and the airspace is restricted to both civilian and military aircraft 24 hours a day. Camouflaged guards (nicknamed Cammo Dudes) driving white Jeep Cherokees regularly patrol the borders of the base. These borders are also patrolled 24 hours a day by heavily armed helicopters which survey the border for any intrusion.

Individuals who happen to wander across the border are promptly arrested by the Cammo Dudes and handed over to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. The trespassers usually have their film confiscated and they are later released after paying a $600 fine. The only place from which one can view Area 51 without being arrested is at a distant mountain called Tikaboo Peak.

Area 51 is operated by military personnel in conjunction with private contractors. Allegedly, private contractors such as Lockheed Martin and EG&G have personnel working within Area 51. These workers are regularly flown onto the base aboard unmarked 737 aircraft from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. They are flown out of a separate hanger at McCarran Airport that is heavily guarded and surrounded by high fences. These flights are known only by their call sign ‘JANET’ over aviation frequencies.

Area 51 does contain many secrets: but does it contain any extra-terrestrial secrets? Skeptics argue that people could be mistaking a new US military secret project for alien spacecraft. Meanwhile, other researchers believe that the US military is flying captured extra-terrestrial ships. The answers lie deep below the Nevada desert locked away for history to discover.