5 Advantages of Having A Small Penis



1-Rising In Size From A Simple Shave:

When “manscaping”, people tend to gain some inches. For a man with a small penis it is crucial because it goes from 3.5 inches to 4.5. There it is big guy, it’s time to make some sorry woman real disappointed tonight.


You will never have to worry about touching the inside of a nasty toilet bowl. Breathe easy and enjoy that care free sitting on that nice cold porcelain bowl without worry that you will not be able to pee while sitting.

Now that you are done on the toilet one needs to put their clothes back on. You are less likely to get your “member” stuck in the zipper of your pants and not have to grimace because of that “member” getting caught. That’s 2 for 2 in my book, catastrophic emergency avoided.

3-Sports Science:

When playing sports, a cup isn’t necessary. Your target area is virtually non-existent so the chances of getting hit are greatly reduced. Run freely and achieve maximum speed without having to worry about the burden of protection because your little man protects himself with his miniscule size.

4-No Baby Mamma Drama:

Having a small penis means that you think you are “drilling her” and getting all the way in when she is just thinking about the last time someone was hitting the bottom of her stomach. However at least you do not have to worry as the chances of impregnating her exponentially decrease because of the lack of depth which you provide. While that well endowed male has to worry about his impending child support payment you can enjoy a nice beer as you wait to short stroke another female the next weekend. Stay thirsty my friends.

5-Backdoor Entry:

Most girls don’t enjoy this because it might hurt too much, but that’s no problem here! With the right approach this can be welcomed with “arms” wide open. Take that VIP entrance boys and be the bell of the ball.